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  • Realistic bird house hides your keys.
  • 6" x 5" x 6".
  • Natural Western Red Cedar body with a green roof.
  • Hangs with screw eye or mount with screw.
  •   SE522

    14" Replacement Pans

  • 2-1/4" deep and 14" in diameter.
  • Color choice is clay SE705 or green SE704.
  • Will also fit our Heated Bird Bath for a summer pan.
  •   SE704/SE705

    17" Bird Bath Replacement Pan

  • 1-5/8" deep and 17" in diameter.
  • Color clay is SE706 and sandstone is MS06S.
  •   SE706

    Deluxe Bird Bath Pan Replacement

  • 2" deep and 20" diameter.
  • Color is clay.
  •   SE707

    Heated Bird Bath Pan Replacement

  • 1-1/8" deep.
  • Color Green is SE503 or Clay is SE502.
  • Heater turns on automatically.
  • Having to refill the bath at least once a day is normal.
  •   SE503 or SE502

    Hold Down Stakes

  • These stakes fit over the feet of our posts to hold them securely in the ground.
  • They are powder coated black to prevent rust.
  • They come with all our posts, and all our bird baths with posts except for the Mini.
  • Anchors in ground approximately 12-1/2".
  •   SEMS07

    Replacement Holes for Bluebird House

  • Repair houses with holes that have been chewed or chipped away by squirrels, woodpeckers, and other rascals.
  • Comes with screws.
  • Western Red Cedar.
  •   SEMS12

    Replacement Medium Suction Cups

  • Ultra violet protected.
  • Screws included.
  • Diameter 1-3/4".
  •   SEWP11

    Replacement Large Suction Cup

  • Ultra violet protected.
  • Screws included.
  • Diameter 2-3/8".
  •   SEWP12

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